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Christian Louboutin launches spring-summer 2017 collectionChristian Louboutin launches spring-summer 2017 collection

Christian Louboutin launches its spring-summer 2017 collection with a new shoot called, ‘Ruby Tuesday’. The studio shoot channels the swinging sixties in colorful images captured by Casper Sejersen. Louboutin takes on eclectic inspiration ranging from mod influences to the rock ‘n’ roll style of The Rolling Stones. The new season features everything from block-heeled pumps to strappy sandals and leather flats. As for handbags, large clutches and miniature totes like the ‘Paloma’ take the spotlight. Discover more from Christian Louboutin’s spring collection below.


Inspired by the sixties, Casper Sejersen photographs Christian Louboutin's spring-summer 2017 collectionInspired by the sixties, Casper Sejersen photographs Christian Louboutin’s spring-summer 2017 collectionChristian Louboutin's spring-summer 2017 collection spotlights whimsical stylesChristian Louboutin’s spring-summer 2017 collection spotlights whimsical stylesThe Shoepeaks clutch appears in Christian Louboutin's spring 2017 collectionThe Shoepeaks clutch appears in Christian Louboutin’s spring 2017 collection
An image from Christian Louboutin's spring-summer 2017 collectionAn image from Christian Louboutin’s spring-summer 2017 collectionChristian Louboutin features Paloma Calfskin Leather Tote in spring-summer 2017 lookbookChristian Louboutin features Paloma Calfskin Leather Tote in spring-summer 2017 lookbookChristian Louboutin's spring-summer 2017 collection features the Zerlisixty Block Heel PumpChristian Louboutin’s spring-summer 2017 collection features the Zerlisixty Block Heel Pump
Christian Louboutin Kaleidra Spike T-Strap Red Sole SandalChristian Louboutin Kaleidra Spike T-Strap Red Sole Sandal $895
Channel your inner rebel in this spiked sandalChristian Louboutin Jonatina SandalChristian Louboutin Jonatina Sandal $795
An ankle strap makes this sexy sandal so modernChristian Louboutin Paloma Nano Calf Tote BagChristian Louboutin Paloma Nano Calf Tote Bag $1,200
This miniature bag is great to carry all of your essentialsChristian Louboutin Zerlisixty Block Heel PumpChristian Louboutin Zerlisixty Block Heel Pump $795
A cute bow adds a feminine statement to this low pump

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Christian Louboutin

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“As Ms. handbag diary, even more than reveal their own inner world. Just look at the woman’s handbag will be able to understand them all, the same as movie trailers.”

Christian Louboutin 2016 spring and summer handbags series is a special diary, write down the designer and show the girl’s encounter. This story brought him infinite inspiration, but to lead us into the Christian youth first came to Paris. Cabaret lighting, music and dance that he was deeply fascinated by sexy cabaret girl makes him at first sight. Christian began designing handbags series of spring and summer, the cabaret gorgeous lingering in the brain, so the one in the essence of integration among Paloma.

Christian started from the most basic elements – Cabaret girl legs – a source of strength behind every brilliant performances. Close your eyes and imagine that girls are stepping Chritian Louboutin heels, beauty blooming Curve, and then they gradually turned into bare legs calfskin handles, hidden in bags among smoothly, as if inadvertently glimpse theater curtain Houkabalai girl’s legs, breathtaking. Louboutin savoring cabaret stage curtain – cabaret performer iconic elements. Curtain rises and falls each performances add endless surprises and tension.

Paloma triangular design with side reproduce this scene, Christian Louboutin signature red looming in the “curtain”, and then festooned with leopard calf, sexy and yet there is no lack of interesting and playful. He said: “Paloma reminds me of the dark furnishings and leopard pattern, from bathrobes to the locker room underwear scattered everywhere can see traces of the leopard.” Shiny metal rivets constitute cabaret stage lighting that is gorgeous as the flu, decorative side of the bottom, to promote bold style, Paloma became the crowning touch. As a cabaret girl Muse last bow, Paloma does when placed in direct contact with the ground, stand unique metal feet, like high-heeled shoes in general, stimulate desire and craving.

Paloma is a fashionable bag for the practical structure designed by a professional lady. Both the size and range of rich colors and fabrics to choose from. Louboutin signature red, leopard and black combination, with hazelnut brown, modern ballet Asher and cheerful and pleasant Bambi lines. “Paloma focus on the elements of classic femininity picked up this bag, you do not need to be a Mingkabalai girl, but you must be a woman, and is enjoying an identity as a woman..” – Christian.

Paloma’s story is part of the Christian Louboutin leather series of new changes. 2016 spring and summer series, every design detail and structure handbag has been carefully built, bringing a new line and re-interpretation of the hot styles, including specially developed natural leather, careful selection of metal parts, and shines surprise detail, creating both design and function handbag.

In addition to Paloma, 2016 spring and summer series also introduced several new handbags, including the ever-popular of Sweet Charity, season and put luxurious structure, modern silhouette with a wealth of details, including the hand stitching, bag nameplate, as well as Hand laden progressive metal chain rivet bow. Baby Charity debut handbags medium size ranged from Small Sweet Charity and mini Sweetie Charity, is the perfect choice for a grand occasion and evening parties.

Whimsy Piloutin drawn from fantasy fairy tale, Christian story of the Cinderella and the glass slipper into the design, but the pumpkin becomes the carriage of the plot becomes converted into a pillow bag. Satin design, there are a lucky charm meaningful paint strap, while a soft touch and attractive. Clutch glossy lambskin with gold, limited edition but also to Christian when traveling collection of antique Indian ribbons decorated, each is unique only in the flagship stores.

Another new play design is compact and easy to take Triloubi, both as a messenger bag, shoulder bag can also be used to accompany Paris (Paris or heart) girls meet numerous colorful life. Designed to rivet studded side, it is both practical and stylish choice for city girls. Two sizes to choose from, in addition to the bag body made up of three groups consisting of leather bags, space demand increases, the side from the high-heeled shoes with pleated design.

Lines neat three-dimensional fashion clutch Vanity, ample space bag, with the first series of red paint Passage snap and then button shoulder chain, suitable for the needs of different occasions, day and night. Clutch is available in three color options, whether with any material, sexy Vanity are in luxurious minimalist charm to become the focus.

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Christian Louboutin Adds Ballet Flats to the Nude Collection


It was in 2013 when designer Christian Louboutin first introduced his ‘Nudes Collection’ in five shades and four styles, and has since then added two more colors to better match any woman’s skin tone. For spring/summer 2016 he thought about something slightly different, revamping his Nudes Collection by adding some appealing pointy-toe ballet flats as well. So now, you have the chance to find the perfect pair of ballet flats for your skin tone thanks to the simplistic, yet totally fabulous Christian Louboutin nude flats range!

Christian Louboutin Nude Ballet Flats 2016

Named Solasofia, besides the pointy toes these ballet flats feature nappa leather and, of course, come with the iconic red sole. Priced at $595, they range all the way from the palest color in the nude spectrum – ‘Lea Nue’ #1, to the darkest one – ‘Toudou’ #7. To better embody the whole ‘nudes for all’ concept, which in the makeup industry also usually comes in too light shades mostly, Louboutin asked photographers Sofia & Mauro to capture the collection’s true essence, a task the duo stunningly accomplished. The campaign features ballerinas wearing matching nude tutus, gracefully representing all the skin tones possible. The label’s Instagram account states the Ballet Flats Nudes Collection has “a spectrum of seven hues suited to any skin tone … to ensure every woman can meet her match.”

“The nude collection is dedicated to people who want to have great legs, to have a great silhouette. Not necessarily to emphasize the shoe. If you look at the shoe, it looks good, if you don’t look at the shoe, if you don’t see the details, it’s all about the legs; it’s all about the person,” Louboutin told The Huffington Post, reminding us that what he likes the most about being a fashion designer is the ability to please women’s tastes rather than merely being praised for being a talented fashion designer.

Christian Louboutin Nude Ballet Flats Collection

He also reminded us that nude shoes actually help elongate the figure, which means that if you are looking for something to wear with your miniskirt or mid-calf dress, which is usually the hardest length to showcase, going for any kind of nude-toned shoes is always the right choice. Moreover, it will make you feel more at ease with yourself rather than worried about your look. “It’s great for when you are just thinking of yourself, when you’re not thinking of being dressed. It keeps you undressed in a way,” wisely concluded the French designer.

Given the fact that a lot of celebrities ran literally amok when the Louboutin Nudes collection was first introduced (personalities such as Gigi Hadid, Blake Lively, Kristen Stewart, Emma Stone and Jennifer Lopez have been spotted wearing the brand’s nude shoes both on and off the red carpet), we expect this new style to receive a similar treatment and quickly become a must-have.

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Mystery, suspense and intrigue combine in Christian Louboutin’s newest promotional campaign. “Who Killed Amazoula?” is a murder mystery with an interesting cast of characters and an unforgettable array of Louboutin shoes and accessories.

In the video uploaded to the Louboutin website, a detective clad in the enticing leopard Baila spike ankle strap pumps strides into the Parisian home where a beautiful woman in gorgeous Amazoula sandals has just been found dead. Her tearful maid sports a hot pink pair of Wawy Dolly pumps with that signature wavy heel while the police officer at the scene is ever-so-smart in Ptent leather Laperouse loafers. The scene is set and Louboutin addicts are invited to solve the mystery and discover the new collection.
Other Louboutin products that litter the video include the detective’s covetable Paloma handbag, the late Ammzoula’s Paloma clutch as well as a Louboutin lipstickand nail color. The Ha Why Luna sandals, the Last Empress Pumps and the racy Tchicaboum pumps also make an appearance alongside the Sweety Charity Mini Chain Bag and the Girlsbestfriend sandals.

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Christian Louboutin celebrates the Louis Vuitton Monogram

Louis Vuitton

I don’t know about you, but I feel dizzy each time I see a shopping bag that costs almost $3,000. Sure, I understand that Louis Vuitton and Christian Louboutin are two of the most emblematic names in the fashion world, but creating a simple shopping bag, putting your name on it and asking for a fortune for it is something totally crazy from my point of view.

Louis Vuitton shopping bag by christian louboutin 1

Unquestionably, I am a huge fan of designer handbags. I love everything about these luxury purses and for me the beauty of a Louis Vuitton bag can’t be outmatched, but I am very sensitive when it comes to throwing money out the window like this. LV purses are elegant, sophisticated, functional and made from the most exquisite materials, but something about a $3,000 just doesn’t feel right. This year, under the slogan “Celebrating Monogram”, the very famous brand has launched a few very interesting models. One of these is the Christian Louboutin purse that features the signature red accents, feminine bows, metal studs and the iconic Monogram.

Louis Vuitton shopping bag by christian louboutin red

If you know a thing or two about the mythical Parisienne bags then this LV purse by Christian Louboutin is the most beautiful and modern reminiscence of this timeless style, reinterpreted in such a chic and glamorous way. Shopping, errands or picking your kids up from school, this purse is the perfect accessory that will outrageously and stylishly complement your best city outfits. Christian Dior has designed this tote shopping bag to go with the iconic Monogram canvas and a bright back panel of red calf hair. Of course, this is one of the most practical and versatile purses that you could ever wear due to its interior pockets and compartments that were created for super-chic organization. Plus, the studded outer pockets and the leather ribbons are very sophisticated.

The Louis Vuitton Shopping Bag by Christian Loubutin is a novelty in the fashion world, but as we know replica watches manufacturer…it will soon be available online in a cloned version. When the fakes are out on the market, here is what you need to know about its quality and technical particularities. These tips will help you buy an authentic looking LV by Christian Dior replica shopping bag. The fake bag should measure 30 x 31 x 12 cm and one side must be made out of the well-known Monogram canvas while the other side from a soft red calf-hair material. This is the most surprising part of the bag- the fact that one side is in Monogram with a studded outside pocket while the other is in an eye-catching red fabric. The handles should have an arched shape with the stitching at the inside.

Louis Vuitton shopping bag by christian louboutin inside

Also, the inside of the LV Shopping Bag by Christian Louboutin replica bag should have a beige leather interior with a middle inner zipped pocket made from Monogram and red calfskin, a large inner flat pocket from red calf skin and a double smartphone pocket from red calfskin.At the outside there is no hardware except the studded pocket and the 4 bottom brass studs. So be carefull when you are shopping with it. Don’t leave it hanging around with your important belongings at the inside. Also, another lady-like detail of this purse are the knotted leather ribbons that are placed on the sides of the bag.

Simply follow the below guideline for ordering a Louis Vuitton shopping bag by Christian Louboutinreplica and you will surely get your very own exquisite luxury purse at a very decent price.

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