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Introduced during the Fall Winter 2014 Runway, the By The Way bag has been around for several years already. With its stunning and practical design, perhaps this bag is determined to pave its way to the iconic status. Whether it will reach that destination or not, this bag is still a fabulous piece to own. And that’s even more true if you consider the latest Fendi By The Way Bag adorned with shiny flowers.

A new bag for the year 2017, let’s celebrate the summer with a bright and delightful accessory that can be carried in multiple ways. The By The Way Bag is designed with beautiful silver flowers, which is a fresh theme launched by the house last year. The appliqué flowers are refined with conical studs in the center while each of the petal is crafted in heart-shape. Now that’s heart-melting and pure addiction.

The flower is stitched all over the bag and it’s painted in bright shiny silver color. This color is a perfect match to the silver hardware, forming an attractive aura. However, we do think that this bag is not for everyday, but when it marries with the perfect outfit, it will create a big impact.

The Fendi By The Way Bag comes with a slot handclasp for clutch carry, it also features handles for tote carry and a leather strap for cross body or shoulder carry. The interior is made with one large compartment for all your essentials. It measures 21 x 12.5 x 9.5 (L x H x D) cm, made from calfskin and available for $2150 USD, $2730 CAD via Fendi boutiques.






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Fendi is another goldmine for one-of-a-kind pieces made to suit your tastes…and we’ll make sure that you get your fill of these babies! Presenting, the brand’s Pre-Fall 2016 Bag Collection – and for this set, some quirky bags are up for grabs. It’s a multicolored spectacle for all of you, girls!



The Micro Peekaboo is gaining major momentum with flower power! Small package, major fashion points!



And of course, the Minis. The slightly bigger sisters of the Micro are also joining the floral bandwagon with beautiful flowers pinned to them.




No, we’re never gonna make the mistake of leaving out the (larger) Peekaboo totes! The ‘braided’ straps on these pieces are definitely noteworthy.












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Fendi Micro Crayons Shoulder Bag in Light Blue
Size: 21cm x 11cm x 4cm
Price: $458.81 USD or €395 EUR

This season, we’ll come alive with the colors of Fendi Micro Crayons Shoulder Bag! If you’re looking for a color burst (or a way to get the most out of your ensemble), then may we suggest this fine piece? It’s definitely worth your consideration, that’s for sure!

Made with colored calf leather (that’s resilient to wear and tear with proper care and storage), you’ll be sure to stand-out because of its vibrance and simplicity – two seemingly opposite adjectives, but what can we say? It’s definitely no-frills and minimalist alright (just look at its design), but it ain’t a Plain Jane either since it comes in eye-catching shades to choose from. Fendi, you’re doing it right!

You can get your very own Micro Crayons Shoulder Bag now via Farfetch.


Fendi Micro Crayons Shoulder Bag in Magenta
Size: 21cm x 11cm x 4cm
Price: $458.81 USD or €395 EUR





Fendi Micro Crayons Shoulder Bag in Green
Size: 21cm x 11cm x 4cm
Price: $458.81 USD or €395 EUR


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Fendi has more surprises in store for us this time! With the release of the Mini 3 Baguette Perspex Studded Bag, you’re sure to score more eyes on you…because it’s a scene-stealer. Don’t get too excited yet, because we’re still going to give you a walk-through on this funky and out-of-this world piece. If you’re a collector of quirky pieces, then we’re more than sure that you’ll love this!

Measuring 12cm x 18cm x 4.5cm (H x W x D), the Mini 3 Baguette Perspex Studded Bag is not your ordinary statement piece – it’s fully functional! It has a detachable and adjustable leather shoulder strap and a front flap with clasp closure (which keeps all of your valuables intact). Its fab design element – the multicolored perspex studs – give it an alluring charm which is reminiscent of art pop themes.

Inside, it even has two internal patch pockets, which give you more room to organize all of your stuff. It’s not just a funky piece, dear…it’s more than meets the eye.

Priced at $2450 USD or €1700 EUR, you can get your very own Mini 3 Baguette Perspex Studded Bag via LuisaViaroma.






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How to Spot Fake FENDI All In Tote

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At the moment, Fendi is one of the most popular bags manufacturer and naturally also one of the most replicated brands on the market.  Let’s face it! Nowadays there are so many fakes out there and so well made that it has become incredibly difficult to distinguish a real Fendi bag from a good replica. The differences between an imitation and the genuine product are very subtle. Still, there are some few basic things you should pay attention to when trying to evaluate the authenticity of a purse. Things like the quality of the leather, the style and craftsmanship of the hardware, the logos, tags and other authenticity markings; these are the important details that you should study very closely. So if you have bought a bag and want to determine if it is fake or genuine, or even if you are thinking of buying a replica and want to choose an authentic looking one then you should keep in mind the following tips.

Fendi All in Tote 3

As expected, the first sign of a fake bag is the inferior quality leather. A Fendi Tote leather is manufactured from high end quality leather. This top quality leather is so firm that the bag stands up on its own without bending, not even a little bit.  Another important aspect is the smell of the materials used for the bag. Superior quality leather such as the one of authentic Fendi bags have that clean and specific leather smell. While on the other hand, on replica Fendi bags even if these are made from real leather, the quality and the smell will surely not be the same. Imitation purses smell like chemicals. The smell is very persistent and hard to stand. The manufacturers use many chemicals trying to imitate the shine and appearance of good quality leather, and this is what causes that awful smell.

Another very visible detail is the quality of the hardware. Real Fendi bags use only the finest metals and the craftsmanship is flawless. Take a look at the whole hardware of a bag and see if every single piece is made exactly in the same shine and color. Also, all luxury handbags manufacturers apply a very thin layer of protective plastic over the hardware to preserve its shinny surface. This plastic is meant to be removed only after the product is purchased by a customer. If you have bought a bag and it does not have the protective plastic over the hardware then this probably means it is just a Fendi replica.

Fendi All in Tote 2

A very subtle and very hard to spot difference is the stitching of the purse. This should match the main coloring of the product. Also, the stitches should be perfectly even and symmetric. Fendi bags do not have any stitching imperfections such as loose threads or small crooked threads.

Fendi All in Tote 4

All the logos, Fendi name and any other text applied on a Fendi bag should be engraved on the hardware or heat embossed on the leather. On most replica purses the authenticity markings will be simply printed on the surfaces, but this is not acceptable when you are looking for an authentic looking bag. It is a clear sign that the product is a fake.

The inside does matter, particularly when we are talking about a luxury bag so do not forget to look inside of the purse. Original Fendi models use linings made out of very good quality satin. This type of very good quality satin has a beautiful perfect shine. Also, the lining is supposed to be stitched on. If you look inside a replica Fendi bag you will see that the lining isn’t stitched on. It is glued into the bag.

Fendi All in Tote 1

At the inside of a Fendi bag you will also find the very well-known authenticity tags. There are a couple of particularities of these tags. Firstly, the Fendi hologram sticker should not be glued on and should never fall off. If you find a purse with such a low quality applied sticker then this purse is a fake. Secondly, the serial numbers from the tags are sewn and not printed.

Another important thing is the price of the purse. The price should be a clear warning regarding the questionable origins of the bag. Original Fendi purses cost about $500 to $3000 depending on the model and materials used. You cannot expect to buy such a luxury product for a couple hundred dollars or less. It is not remotely possible. If someone offers you a bag at this price then it is surely a fake Fendi.

Essential when you are looking to buy a bag and you do not want to end up with a very fake looking Fendi in your closet is to do a little research. Compare the pictures and information from the original Fendi website with the ones of the product you intend to purchase. Also, all Fendi purses are being sold with an authenticity card and this must match the serial number located at the inside of the bag. Simply follow these easy directions and I am confident that it will help you make an informed purchasing decision when planning to buy your next fabulous Fendi purse or even your first designer handbag.


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